First Visit

What is important for the first visit?

Practical tips for beginners

We look forward to your visit. The first Bikram Yoga class is a unique experience and an unforgettable event for all yoga practitioners. Each lesson has a duration of 90 minutes and we train in a group in a heated room of around 40°C.  All lessons are suitable for beginners and we teach in German or English, in both languages if needed.
For Newcomers no online reservation necessary.


Pay ONLY 50.- for the Intro Pass and test Bikram Hot Yoga 3 times during 30 days


What do I bring with me?

  • yoga mat is free during IntroPass (rental 6.-)
  • a big towel for the yoga mat (rental 5.-)
  • a shower towel (rental 4.-)
  • 1,5 litre of still water
  • light sport clothing, for example shorts and t-shirt/top
  • we train barefoot

Before class?

Rushing and a frantic pace don’t go with yoga. Be early enough for your first class to have time to register and getting to know your teacher. Please arrive at our front desk at least 20 minutes before class.

We recommend not to eat before class begins; ideally no food for around 2 hours before. Drink a lot of water before arrival.

In the yoga room?

Find a position in the back row at the window and use the calm to warm up until the beginning of the class. Your aim for the first class will be to do each exercise at least once and to stay the whole 90 minutes in the room. This improves your determination and concentration.

After class?

It is important to drink lots of water to supply the body with the necessary mineral nutrients.

Be patient - it can take normally between three and five classes to get used to the heat. Come to the next class as soon as you can.

Our teachers will happily answer all your questions after the class and will help you to improve your yoga experience.