Three times each year we offer you the opportunity to face a challenge. Get to know yourself better, and discover another dimension within you by doing this challenge.

30 day Challenge for everybody

SPRING on the way -
last starting date Sunday May 3rd, 2020
FALL start 1st September -
last starting date November 8th, 2020

Face the challenge, and get to really know yourself. Find clarity, courage and strength and re-define your values. Commit yourself! By practising yoga for 30 days continuously, you will receive a voucher to the value of 100,-. Subscribe now at the Front Desk!

"Give me 30 days - I will change your body
Give me 60 days - I will change your life "

Bikram Choudhury

Challenge conditions

  • I commit to practicing Bikram Yoga every day for 30 days.
  • I will start my challenge along with other yoga practitioners inbetween the allocated period in Spring or Fall.
  • Should I be unable to practice Bikram Yoga on a certain day due to extraordinary circumstances, I may substitute that day with a double class the day before or after.
  • If I fully respect all the above-mentioned rules I will receive a certificate and a Bikram Yoga Zurich gift voucher of 100,- at the end of the challenge.
  • If I break a rule I won’t be entitled to a voucher.
  • If I am prevented from completing the challenge due to illness or accident the challenge will be regarded as unfulfilled.
  • During the challenge I will be responsible for my wellbeing. I aim to follow a healthy diet and take sufficient vital elements (minerals and vitamins).
  • I’m aware that the Bikram Yoga Challenge can create change on many levels. I take responsibility for myself and will seek help if issues occur. verändere dein Leben !!"