What do our clients say?

Possibly you have heard a lot of astonishing things about Bikram Yoga. The series of exercises of 26 postures held in a heated room of 38 degrees has a reputation to heal and to reduce symptoms of chronic diseases and to regulate all systems of the body to function better and to lead to general wellness.

All these assertions might seem to be too fantastic to be true.

Since we have been teaching Bikram Yoga, we have seen many “wonders” and helped them to be realised.

Clients and yogis have avoided operations of knees, back, neck and hip; reduced the intake of medicine or even stopped them altogether. They could outsmart injuries and diseases through regular practice.

But the best confirmation that Bikram Yoga is functioning is when our clients tell us they are suddenly much happier without any obvious reason. They say they manage everyday life with a smile, walk straight with the shoulders back and that they feel a general deep peace within them.


At the end of December 2015 I decided to include Bikram Yoga as a fundamental part of my leisure time. For years, it was already a part of my life but only as a training supplement, because for a long time my very busy working schedule didn’t allow me to fully engage in these activities.

I needed to change the focus in my life from “career” to “career among other things” and reintegrate Bikram Yoga.

Adding to the decision were the little complaints that surface after the mid thirties!

I have suffered for over 10 years with a bulged disc including lumbar facet syndrome. My lumbar spine regularly caused problems which radiated strongly into the sciatic nerve. This didn’t support my hobby as a competitive runner. After longer training sessions over 30 km I couldn’t walk properly for days due to the pain. They needed to employ a block and tackle to get me off the bike. The doctors’ advice, especially for an operation weren’t greatly helpful.

I didn’t know what to think of doctor’s comment like: “You have simply to give up running”.
I received medical treatment through tablets and injections when the pain was too strong, but I couldn’t handle it anymore. In short: a very annoying and impairing clinical picture resulting in in permanent fear of deteriorating and possibly enduring constraints for the rest of my life.

It made sense then to integrate yoga into a daily routine.

Early on I noticed my mobility and wellbeing improved a lot. My favourite pose is the triangle because I became aware that the disc started to crack softly in several places. That was a liberating feeling. It is a cracking noise comparable to the bursting of a small air bubble. My back didn’t fully recover though, but the pain became more localised and defined which improved the awareness of motion. With that awareness I could exercise more gently.

There were some slight setbacks, but they were not restrictive and also much quickly overcome without medication, so that everyday life was manageable with only little pain.

Then came Day 18 of the Yoga Challenge Spring 2016. I had to do a double that day to catch up for a missed class. By the evening session I suppose my body was already prepared thanks to the morning practice. Being in the triangle position I got a hit quite early in the lumbar spine, exactly where my neuralgic point was. This time it wasn’t a small air bubble but a burst tyre. I was very frightened and had to lay down and the breathing problems made me think I would have to be transported out in a wheelchair. But the opposite happened. After a few seconds it felt very comfortable, somehow liberating and there was a sudden change of the chronic pain. This feeling remained for the rest of the session.

I immediately organised an appointment with radiology and the result was that the bulging had disappeared and the disc was at the place where it should be. In the following days the pain pattern changed drastically and within four weeks I was completely pain free.

The Zurich Marathon went without problems and I can now bike without block and tackle! Generally everything is much better without any back pain.

Now for the best: my doctors and the insurance company have given me the green light to go on with parachuting as there is almost zero risk concerning my back!
Because the disc is in the correct position, the healing prognosis states it can regenerate without impediment. Is this not an amazing success?

This result does not lessen the other aspects of the challenge as they were also outstanding. This process has indeed contributed to ongoing change.

Long live the Yoga Challenge and Bikram Team Zurich. They are doing a fantastic job.

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Pierino Cattaneo

In October 2015 I had my first Bikram Yoga experience and got excited immediately. The experienced teachers introduced me to this yoga in a lovely and caring way. After only 3 classes I decided to join the ongoing 30 day challenge. The challenge promises neither too much nor too little. To practice 90 minutes Bikram Yoga daily for 30 days is a challenge and changes many things - to the good, mentally and physically. I had suffered from a severe whiplash, had one to two weekly physio treatments without any major improvement. Also my knees were hurting when I used to jog.

At my age of 53 I felt rather clumsy in combination with my whiplash and knee pain. After regular practice of Bikram Yoga the pain in my neck and my knees disappeared and my yoga poses started to improve.

Bikram Yoga strenghtenned and mobilised my body that I am now free of complaints and because I will continue to practice Bikram Yoga I will also stay free of complaints..

Bikram Yoga is also a form of meditation. It helps to become mindful and more awake, confident and to gain inner strength, to relax and become more energetic - in short: I feel as snug as a bug in a rug in only a very short time.

Loraine Mcdouall

Since childhood I always had back issues. Many friends recommended yoga, which I tried several times, but I was never really thrilled. Then I discovered Bikram Yoga and I went there only because it was so delightfully warm. I enjoyed this warmth and had modest ambitions. After some weeks I noticed an increased flexibility. What I never expected: my back lastingly improved around 80%.

Then I had to interrupt my yoga practise, and at the moment I can’t practise it regularly either. My back has never fallen back to to the “before Yoga level” (before I was walking the first half hour in the morning with a bent back)

I had to be patient, but every hour I visited was worth it. Many thanks to the Bikram Yoga team

Miguel Alvarez

Nowadays it is a social reality that people spend countless hours per week sitting in an office and many of them complain about back pain and discomfort. I am obviously one of them.

Despite of following a healthy life style (practicing regularly sports like swimming, fitness, biking, etc.), I needed something else to achieve some physical and mental balance with my back.

Bikram has helped me to gain this balance! I have regained comfort and wellness. Moreover Bikram is not just another type of yoga for me, but it gives you a full work-out: stretching and spine strengthening exercises. Other side benefits are that I sleep much deeper and my immune system is stronger.

If you identify yourself with the above, just give it a try; see you at the class!

Irène Hunold

I wish I had met Bikram Yoga much earlier than only four years ago at the age of 62. From the first class, I was completely convinced of its effects.

Since retiring as a journalist, I have travelled to every studio in Europe and write on my blog www.hotyogablog.net about it. I have now visited around 90 studios, I hope to visit many more.

After the trips I generally return full of joy to my home studio in Zurich where I am the most at ease - regarding the studio and the teachers!

Samuel Rechsteiner

As an airline crew member my schedule is irregular and I appreciate the many different offers of Bikram Yoga, each day several times, each day a week. Additionally there are Bikram Yoga studios at every destination.

Bikram Yoga is an extremely effective compensation to worklife, to refuel your energy, and to help better “digest” time differences and sleep better.

Through Bikram Yoga I’m improving and keeping my flexibility and strengthening my muscles, especially those in the back. The 90 minutes of Bikram Yoga are also a good training for concentration and a good portion of meditation training.

I feel full of energy after each class - each and every time for over ten years.