What supports the effects of Bikram Yoga?

Why is still water recommended?

Because of the ph-factor of the drink. Carbonated drinks are acidic. The more alkaline a drink, the more toxic agents you can eliminate with Bikram Yoga training.

Which bottle shall I use in the training room?

Because we train barefoot there are no glass bottles allowed in the room. The usual single-use PET-bottles (category 1), release chemicals into the drink when heated. We recommend special sport bottles (available at our shop) which can be washed safely in a dish washer and be re-used.

What is this green drink many yoga practitioners drink in the room?

It’s Matcha - the most valuable green tea from Japan - which was reserved only for the emperor and the samurais for 800 years. Japanese warriors drank Matcha before training or a fight which allegedly made them invincible.

Matcha was traditionally planted in the inner courtyard of a monastery and during spring was covered with a bamboo scaffold and reed mats. The second and third leaf of each pale green branch plucked only between the 10th and the 15th of May each year, then carefully dried and slowly ground by hand with a granite stonemill. In this way all nutrition is preserved - a single cup of Matcha has the effect of around 137 cups of normal green tea.

Because the taste of Matcha is relatively bitter, it’s not very suitable to drink pure. The Matcha available at our shop is enriched with pomegranate, blueberries and grape seed extract which improves the taste and doubles the antioxidants. Our Matcha can be simply mixed with cold water.

Why is it recommended to add Himalaya salt into your drink?

Our body consists of 84 elements. If one of those trace elements is missing our body tells us : “give me salt”. Normal cooking salt - NaCl - consists of only two elements. If another trace element is missing, like selenium or zinc, we also desire something salty. By feeding our body just cooking salt the nutrition deficiency spiral continues. At each class we recommend to add two or three times drops of our prepared Himalaya saline solution to your water. This replaces the minerals lost by sweating.

Can I loose weight with Bikram Yoga?

You burn from 800 to 1000 calories in a Bikram Yoga class. This corresponds to 90 minutes light jogging.

Our body creates fat cells to protect us from over acidifying. Alkaline food is the requirement for a durable weight loss.

Chlorophyll is totally alkaline and available at our shop. One dose of chlorophyll corresponds to 20 lettuces. Its taste is neutral and is easy to mix with water. Thanks to chlorophyll our blood can transport more oxygen which provides more energy and additionally detoxifies our body.