Bikram Yoga

What is Bikram Yoga?

Bikram Yoga is a series of 26 classic Hatha yoga exercises which are practised in a heated room of 40 degrees.

The worldwide known Yoga master Bikram Choudhury has compiled a series of positions and breath exercises which train your mind and body and keep it in form.

Based on a scientifically proven way to good health, Bikram Yoga is known for its innumerable medical advantages and the exceptional capacity to train and calm your mind.

The series of postures have a high therapeutical effect on beginners and advanced students. Importantly, people with injuries, or being out of form or with strong medical issues will be the first to experience the incredible effects of Bikram Yoga.

To guarantee the total workout of every system in your body and optimal wellness and health, the 26 postures function synergistically and build on each other so every muscle and joint is warmed up. This guarantees the following posture a safer and deeper stretch. Bikram Yoga also stretches, pressures and massages the inner organs, flushes the cardiovascular system and stimulates the nervous and hormonal systems.

By the end of class you train every muscle, bone, joint, gland, and inner organ, whilst the fresh, oxygen-enriched blood is pumped to every cell. The result is recovery in all areas.

For everybody?

Bikram Yoga is challenging for everybody: as much for advanced students as beginners. It can be started at the age of 11 until old age. No previous knowledge is necessary; you can start any time without booking.

Our certified teachers will help you to make progress at your pace.

As with everything in life you need to be focused and be determined in Bikram Yoga to reach the best results.

Every class should be challenging. Your body will develop power, flexibility and balance. Your mind will develop concentration, patience, determination, trust and discipline.

What is the result of regular training?

  • regulates body weight
  • strengthens your immune system
  • strengthens all muscles, bones and joints
  • enhances the flexibility of the spinal cord
  • strengthens the back muscles
  • enhances concentration and a clear mind
  • a relaxing sleep
  • reduces stress and tiredness
  • enhances the posture
  • keeps you young
  • energises for everyday life

Why 40 degrees?

Heat is an excellent therapeutic instrument for healing health issues. The old Greeks knew by heating up the body temperature, the immune system would be activated against infections.

Through heat this results in:

  • body parts function smoothly and flexibly
  • joints function to the full range of movement
  • minimising of the danger of injuries
  • elimination of toxins out of your body
  • more relaxation and wellness
  • stronger cardiovascular system
  • better burning of calories

With Bikram Yoga the body is heated throughout, and this has an influence on a cellular level. An adult body consists of 160,000 km of blood capillaries which together are four times the circumference of the earth, and consists of 75 trillions cells.

Heat opens up the blood capillaries, more oxygen and blood reach the cells and therefore more toxins can be eliminated by sweating.