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General terms of business: Bikram Yoga College of India - Zurich GmbH

1. Applicability

The general terms of business that apply for Bikram Yoga College of India - Zürich GmbH

2. Membership and Services

Bikram Yoga has different yoga and subscription offers which are subject to the current terms. All yoga and subscription offers correspond to the current valid tarifs and times. The membership is personal and cannot be transferred. Bikram Yoga Zurich reserves the right to control compliance. If this rule is broken, the member and the third party will no longer be permitted access to Bikram Yoga Zurich . In this case there will be no refund of paid amounts.

3. Opening times

Apart from some public holidays Bikram Yoga is generally open daily. The exact opening times are to be found on the current timetables. For closing periods of up to a maximum 3 weeks per year (unexpected events) the holder of yearly membership has no right to be refunded. Bikram Yoga reserves the right to alter their offers and opening times

4. Retaining data

The member takes note that his visiting times are retained electronically. This data is available for claims to health insurance schemes or for receipts.

5. Liability, safety and risks

Using the Bikram Zurich facility is at your own risk. A medical examination by a sport doctor is recommended for people who haven’t done sport for a long time or have health issues; or have been severely ill during the past years. Bikram Yoga Zurich and its staff are not liable for damages for injuries sustained by practitioners. Bikram Yoga Zurich is not liable for theft, damage and for forgotten objects, including loss from lockers which are available to use for free. Insurances are to be taken personally.

6. Hygiene

So you can feel well and rely on cleanliness and hygiene, Bikram Yoga Zurich cleans thoroughly daily.All practitioners are obliged to not walk into the yoga room with shoes and to leave them at the entrance on the provided shoe shelves.

All practitioners must use a yoga mat. A sweat absorbing beach towel is obligatory to put underneath. Practitioners who don’t comply with the rules will be excluded from practicing.

7. House rules

All visitors are obliged to follow the rules of Bikram Yoga Zurich’s staff and to follow the current Bikram Yoga etiquette. Non-compliance with the rules and repeated offences against the current rules will result in access being denied to Bikram Yoga Zurich.

In this case there is no claim for a refund.

8. Refund

You cannot be refunded or partially refunded for not using your subscription. Early cancellation is only possible in the case of chronic illness, accident and invalidity (a medical certificate in writing is neccesary).

The board of Bikram Yoga Zurich reserves the right to decide on this matter.

9. Handling charges

Handling of special requests (e.g. subcription change or refunds) incurs a fee of CHF 50,- per each case in minimum.

10. Changes

Bikram Yoga Zurich reserves the right to change the terms of business, offers, conditions and yoga etiquette. The yoga practioners and holders of subcriptions will be appropriately informed. These changes do not entitle refunds.

11. Legal domicile is Zurich

Bikram Yoga College of India - Zürich GmbH,
Grüngasse 21, CH-8004 Zurich