• Stefan

    Bikram Teacher Training Spring 2003 Founder_Owner

    When I took my first Bikram Yoga class in New York City back in 1999 I had a striking experience. Not only was it the best and most intense workout I ever experience….but I also found myself in the deepest state of meditation at the end of each and every class…..I knew this is it!.. and it became my mission in life to bring this yoga as a pioneer to Switzerland and help as many people as possible. I gave up my dream job as Swissair Flight Attendant and ceritified as a Bikram Yoga teacher in Spring 2003. Then I opened the first studio in Switzerland in January 2004 as number 4 in Europe after Hamburg, Vienna and London.

  • Silvestro

    Bikram Teacher Training Fall 2005

    I was a Gymnast and I ran at school.
    I`ve always been athletic. Even so i found my first Bikram yoga class physically exhausting and i had to sit during a few of the postures.
    But i loved the challenge. I came back the next day and I have continued to come back. That was in 2004. Holding a challenging yoga pose while breathing steady has also taught me to stay calm and breath through uncomfortable situations in my everyday life. It has made a huge difference in my relationships and also deal with annoyances, like traffic or conflicts at work. It helps me stay out of a negative mindset.
    It gives me mental strength.

  • Timotheus

    Bikram Teacher Training Fall 2005

    You get to the deeper levels only if you dig constantly at the same spot. With the help of the same Bikram Yoga series, this discovery fascinates me and motivates me over and over again. I have been a Bikram Yoga teacher since 2005. My main profession is musician (violinist) in the Orchestra.

  • Sonia

    Bikram Teacher Training Spring 2008

    Bikram Yoga gives me power and energy, it balances me every time. It helps me to deal better with jet lag and stress-situations. It is not only defining my body but also my mind and perception. Being a Maître de Cabine with Swiss International for many years this gives me the opportunity to visit and teach in other studios worldwide. Bikram Yoga is international but nonetheless a “family”.

  • Manuela

    Bikram Teacher Training Spring 2008

    Since 2004 I have been practising Bikram Yoga, and it is very exciting to notice changes in your body through the same 26 yoga postures. More mindfulness and awareness not only during classes but also applied in daily life makes life better. My main job is as a flight attendant and I can now manage demanding and difficult situations in a more relaxed and calm way.

  • Christine

    Bikram Teacher Training Fall 2012

    Bikram Yoga gives me a balance between body, mind and soul and keeps me well-balanced. Both in practice and in teaching I love the exchange of energy in the room. Since 2012 I have taught Bikram Yoga in Zurich. I’m also teaching at the Gestaltungsschule GDK Zurich and I’m a freelance art and creative director.

  • Gina

    Bikram Teacher Training Fall 2001

    My fascination of Yoga is that I’m working with myself. It’s a lifelong trip;
    and that’s what fascinates me.

  • Bea

    Bikram Teacher Training Spring 2016

    “Give me 30 days of your life and I will change your body – give me 60 days of your life and I will change your life“. Bikram Choudhury’s words about the 30-days-challenge exactly apply to me! After two serious life events and my own 60-days-challenge, I knew I wanted to change something in my life. So in Spring 2016 I successfully completed the two-month Teacher Training in India. Since my return, I have been teaching at the studio in Zurich with great pleasure. I would like to pass this enthusiasm to as many people as possible and show how they can bring their body, mind and spirit in harmony.

  • Jaras

    Bikram Teacher Training Fall 2016

    Bikram Yoga has helped me gain strength, agility and find balance in my body inside and out. It has enabled me to become calmer and more focused, and to be a more patient and understanding person. On a deeper level, my clarity and self awareness have grown, so I’m better able to be true to myself. Practicing Bikram Yoga is transformational, on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual plane. Regular practice is Key. Trust the process and you will receive the benefits.

  • Bettina


  • Steffen

    Bikram Teacher Training Fall 2018 Studio_Manager

    I am one of those who used to go almost daily to the „muscle-gym“. Stefan has introduced me to Bikram Yoga and he showed me a new way to strengthen my body, build up my concentration and to gain more selfcontrol. I never thought that ONLY 1-2 weekly Bikram Yoga sessions would give me more definition than regular training at the „muscle-gym“. Meanwhile I have picked up my weight training again and realized, that Bikram Yoga and weight training are a great combination, building up my body permanently without the „jojo“ effect.
    Come and try it for yourself.
    “his sparkling strawberry in champagne is legendary”

  • Arijan

    FrontDesk & Handyman

    At the age of 20 I moved to Switzerland and it was tough to restart my life. Through a friend I got introduced to Bikram Yoga. It was my first contact with Yoga ever. I struggled during my first class, but at the end I left with power and a clear mind. This is when I realized that this was exactly what I needed to learn to balance my heart, mind and body. The more I practiced, the more Bikram Yoga helped me mentally to stay on the right path. It made me strong, flexible and defined my body. Later on I became staff working at the FrontDesk. It was a complete new territory for me. I love the positive and happy energy at the studio and to meet so many international students and I can also use all my handyman skills to repair and fix things at the studio.

  • Alessandra

    Cleaning Fairy

  • Sämi


    As an airline crew member my schedule was irregular and I appreciate the many different offers of Bikram Yoga, each day several times, each day a week. Additionally there are Bikram Yoga studios at every destination. Bikram Yoga is an extremely effective compensation to worklife, to refuel your energy, and to help better “digest” time differences and sleep better. Through Bikram Yoga I’m improving and keeping my flexibility and strengthening my muscles, especially those in the back. The 90 minutes of Bikram Yoga are also a good training for concentration and a good portion of meditation training. I feel full of energy after each class – each and every time for over ten years.
    “he was the first costumer who bought a yearly abo back in 2004”

  • SunnyBoy


  • Lorianne

    Bikram Teacher Training Fall 2019

    Life is made up of opportunities and challenges. Finding the balance between them is an art. Since the first lesson Bikram Yoga has shown me how I can achieve and develop my inner and outer equilibrium. Due to the heat in the room, I really enjoy the process. „Suffering“ during each exercise has become my passion. It is my source of inner strength, gives me stability, contentment, positive energy and willpower.

  • Rêut


    Bikram Yoga faced me with a challenging practice where I experience endlessly of growth and improvement both physically and mentally. It also allows me finding my peace in a struggle. Although the series is the same, I am not the same. I appreciate the beauty of that.

  • Joachim

    Bikram Teacher Training Spring 2019

    I was born in Chile and grew up there. When I was 20 Years old, I started practicing Bikram Yoga. Back then I had serious back problems and had to use sticks to walk. After practicing Bikram Yoga every day for almost 3 years, I was able to put the sticks down and walk normally again without any aids. This kind of yoga style has definitely changed my life into a positive way, not only physically but also on a spiritual level. Bikram Yoga has strengthened me. All of this motivated me to complete the Bikram Teacher Training in Spain in 2019. After my training I started teaching in Chile, but inside I knew that I wanted to live and teach outside of Chile. I have been living in Switzerland since August 2020 and I am very happy to be able to teach in the Bikram Yoga Studio Zürich and I am convinced, that I can make a valuable contribution to the health of Yoginis and Yogis.

  • Amber

    Social Media