Bikram Yoga Zurich



A warm welcome to Bikram Yoga Zurich

Discover the astonishing effect of Bikram Hot Yoga on your body. This unique series of 26 exercises and two breathing exercises is practiced in a room of 38°C  over 90 minutes.

Your body is getting better step by step

This well-tried yoga practice is popular with thousands of students around the world. It is the perfect compensation to our modern stressful lifestyle.

From the first class many students have a life changing experience. Each Bikram Yoga class is taught in precisely the same way, therefore you can feel immediately how your body changes over time.

And so it works

Practicing Bikram Yoga opens up all joints on every side so full flexibility is regained. It presses and stretches all inner organs to activate their full potential. The body releases all toxins through sweating.

Regular practice strengthens your will, concentration and you think you could move mountains.

Simply start Bikram Yoga with our trial offer. As a new student you can participate in any class. We offer four to five classes daily for 362 days a year.

Bikram Yoga Zurich is the pioneer studio in Switzerland and has already 12 years of experience. All of our teachers have been certified personally by Bikram Choudhury and teach in German and/or English.

Bikram Yoga can be practiced from the age of 11 until old age. Our oldest yogis are over 90 years. You don’t need any yoga experience beforehand. Just follow the words of our teachers. The more often you practice Hot Yoga, the quicker your body will change.


We are looking forward to your visit at Grüngasse 21, Zurich.